Love is A Losing Game

For the one who finds it’s hard to open the heart,

For the one who found how hurtful a broken heart,

Love is definitely a losing game

I believe that people are born with 2 sides, what they look outside and what they hide inside. What they appeared to be isn’t always what they expected to be. They show to hide. So do I.

Everyone has a wall they built inside of them. A divider of the strong and weak side of them. The Brain will be in charge to take control of it. The stronger of fear you have, the higher the wall should be and your brain will automatically rebuild it for you.

Then when Love comes to, it’ll strikes your brain down. Like a virus in computer, but the differences is you yourself are the one who made it. Love is a planted virus everyone had inside their body and only the person itself who can activate it. When the love virus came alive, it will slowly break your wall from the core. Sometimes it started with a tiny hole, but sometimes it just came like wrecking ball. That’s when you start to lose yourself.

Love is a game, it has a home and guest player. As a home player you already loose as the game started. You defect your own wall and let your weak side leaked. You let your fear grow as you’re afraid to loose more. You desperately want to win but the opponent sometimes doesn’t even know it is a game. It’s even harder when you found that you battling with yourself as your brain start to play defense.

Love is a losing game. A game where it should have not begin at the first place. When losing is killing you and winning will make you even loose more.



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